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Madeline Group reflects our values and reinforces our commitment to the highest standards of integrity and honesty in business.​

Debt Collection Solutions

Debts Collecting of Banks.
Debts Collecting of Companies.
Debts Collecting of Individuals.

Security and IT Solutions

Low current solutions.
Web and development solutions.
Application development solutions.

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Debt Collection Solutions


Companies and Individuals

We provide companies, institutions and individuals a lot of effort and time in the collection of bad debts or emerging and even bad ones quickly and effectively.



On behalf of the banks, we collect all types of debts from dues of shares, securities, loans and all credit facilities granted to the business sector or individuals and provide the best solutions to motivate the parties or defaulters to pay their debts.


International Debts

We process and procedure of pursuing delinquent amounts and foreign debts from consumers either from businesses or from individuals.

Security and IT Solution


Low current solutions


E-marketing & E-commerce


Web & development


Applications development

Employment and Polarization​

Professional and personal analysis.
Preparation of the nomination list.
Personal and technical interviews.
Multiple sources of nomination.


Find Solutions

Through our extensive experience in our field we help the customer in finding business solutions that meet your needs and suit your expectations.


We take into account in providing our services high accuracy which ensures the quality work and ease of delivery service and thus save eort and money.

Integrated databases

The company has a large database containing a large number of qualied cadres in various elds to facilitate the selection of employees as required work.

Professionalism in work

Our administrative star is well trained and has long experience in the eld of personnel management to raise the level of service to the highest degree of professionalism.

Achievement Speed

We depend on the performance of our tasks on the speed of completion so as not to aect the quality of service provided and help us in the use of modern technology and knowledge of the full functioning.

Transparency and credibility

Based on our dealings and performance of our tasks on the transparency and clarity and characterized by all our credibility to become a company that our client can rely on in all tasks.

Web Design
Security Solution
Apps development